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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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TRX Suspension Training

Cycling Instructor

Certified  Nutrition Specialist


16+ years

Meet Mary Wilhite

Your health is your wealth! Mary has been working in the field of women’s health and wellness since 2001. She has concentrated on educating, inspiring, and training women to live an active and healthy lifestyle for over 20 years. Mary is a Medicare Broker, certified personal trainer, health and empowerment coach and recently obtained a certification as a life coach.

She began her coaching and training career after she was a Cheerleader for the Chicago Bears. She found her inspiration to help women stay active and healthy during the change of life and throughout all transitions.  Mary’s passion is coaching and helping women not only transform their bodies but transform their mindsets to live a purpose driven, healthy & abundant life, feeling confident, strong and beautiful about themselves.

Mary believes that the mind and the body are greatly connected and must be nourished in order to achieve ultimate health. Coming from her own healing journey, she has found and implemented the steps to overcome, let go, and have an active healthy lifestyle.  She's passionate about helping women over 40 achieve better health and improved confidence, to feel unstoppable. When she isn’t coaching, she enjoys biking, swimming and hiking. She says her greatest gift from life was caring for her 98 year old mother. 

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